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FFOGGY IM(Facial massager)

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[K.I.C.A., Inc]

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FFOGGY IM can spray cosmetics and nutrients evenly in fine particles over the face, neck and chest in the form ultrasonic waves. By immediately supplying moisture and nutrition to the skin, moisturization significantly improves. Plus, it can be used as an ultrasonic massager as the ultrasonic head emits 3 million vibrations per minute to help nutrition to deeply penetrate into the skin. Users can feel the softness of their skin, due to spraying in fine particles like mist and people can carry the cosmetics with them in a portable container, to be used anywhere, anytime.

It is next-generation massager that provides both ultrasonic sprays and massaging at once.

After spraying the beauty water, use the ultrasonic massage head to massage your skin.


1. Power supply : Lithium Polymer battery 4.2V(650mh)

2. Recharger : PC USB connector or USB adapter

3. Use time : Possible to 50min use for continuously

4. Bottle size and spray amount :Spray amount – 1.5cc/1minuates,

                                               Particle size – 10~12 micro Mesh

5. Size : 55*22*111mm

6. Weight : 110g

7. Basic compositon : FFOGGY IM, Portable skin toner bottle, USB cable, Bag for FFOGGY IM