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  • MaterialABS
  • Weight44 g
  • Payment TermsT/T

[K.I.C.A., Inc]

  • South Korea South Korea
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EFFECT :   Removal of waste, Nutrient supply, Improvement in wrinkles and skin tone, Thermal effect



1. Ultrasonic massage(Ion +/-)

   -Ultrasonic head which vibrates 5 million times per second is used.

   -It delivers nutrients like cream or gel deep into outer layer of skin, inner layer of skin and up to

    subcutaneous tissue using minute vibration of ultrasonic head ,thermal effect and (+,-)Ion


2. Microcurrent Therapy

   -It is very effect in whitening, wrinkle and blemish removal by the inflow of micro current to Head

   -You can enjoy continuous effect by using the current which is similar to  the bioelectric current though you s

     top to use it.

   -These is learning effect by the repeated use due to alternate use of various frequencies and waves.

   -There is no side effects or burdens since it uses micro current which is different from low frequency


   -It mitigates freckles by good blood circulation and cell activation through intensive treatment in freckled



Dimension/Weight  : Body : 46(W)*125(H)*22(T)mm, Head : Ø10/52g

Power : Built-in Lithium Ion Battery

Battery Recharger : PC USB Port / DC 5V Adaptor

Basic composition : Main Body, Cable, Manual